About Us

At Companion CPA Group our goal is to further your success.  We offer small-to-medium sized businesses the same high quality financial management resources that larger firms enjoy—only we scale them down to size and tailor them to your specific needs.   We are like an outsourced company controller—available when you need us.  Whether it be tax strategy, financial reporting, business planning or help with other financial management issues, we bring a broad range of experience to your situation.


Picture of Lisa Malone, CPA, MBA

Lisa Malone, CPA, MBA

Founding Principal with over 31 years experience in public accounting, healthcare and manufacturing.

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Picture of Lou Alice Funk, CPA, MBA

Lou Alice Funk, CPA, MBA

Founding principal with over 35 years of experience in accounting, healthcare, and financial management.

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Picture of Misty Bell, CPA

Misty Bell, CPA

CPA with over 20 years in public accounting and financial management.

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